About Us

Star City Fitness is proud to bring multiple high quality fitness programs to North Lincoln. Having both CrossFit classes as well as an official USAW Barbell club, Star City Fitness is ready to help with your fitness needs. You know you’re learning and getting fit with the most knowledgeable and dedicated trainers anywhere. Our workouts are unmatched and the community of people who come together each day in pursuit of fitness is truly unique. We bring together people of all fitness levels and athletic experience, we motivate and draw inspiration from each other, compete with each other, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Find out how spending an hour a day with us can change your fitness and your life.

A change may be just around the corner.

Have fun. Get fit.


Alright team! Looks like we are up and running in the new space. Still a couple kinks to work out, but the place is functional and quite a bit bigger! I will see you all there bright and early tomorrow!


The first real success story of the our gym would actually be one of the trainers. For years following college I was grossly overweight. Eventually I started trying different methods to get into shape. Some met with varying levels of success. I was able to lose quite a bit of weight by running, doing some resistance training, and maintaining a healthy diet. The only problem was I was never really improving anywhere else except on the scale. On top of that I was losing as much or more muscle than I was fat. In the end I looked fairly skinny, but still had a gut and wasn’t strong at all. Then I started CrossFit. It was a constant uphill battle for me. I was not very strong, or flexible. I couldn’t squat to depth, or move much weight. Working on all aspects of fitness through CrossFit I have gained quite a bit of muscle while losing body fat. Because of how this changed my life I began coaching and started the gym. Having gone through many of the struggles that new CrossFitters go through (being terrible at pull-ups, push-ups, hideously inflexible). It makes me very adamant that anyone can get into, and stay in, amazing shape and be involved in a fun and supportive community.

- Mike P., CrossFit Star City Founder -

I joined CrossFit Star City about 5 months ago, and it has been a very rewarding experience.  Both Mike and Hugh are excellent trainers and take a real hands-on approach in working with each and every member to meet personal goals.  The thing I like the most about CrossFit Star City is the comradery / friendship that exists among all the members.

- Mike Fallesen -

Only on my third day of CrossFit, but I really love the workouts, the sense of community and the expertise of the coaches here. It’s a happy place.

- Haze H. -

Great Crossfit gym for starters. Great coaches with well-known knowledge of different workouts. Thanks!

- Haval K. -