What Makes Us Different?

Having participated in CrossFit for a while now we wanted to start our own gym so that we could create the best possible experience for both the advanced athlete as well as the someone completely new to the world of fitness. Because all of the movements we do can be scaled and made easier, or harder, each person can get a safe, fun, and challenging workout.


CrossFit has not only changed many lives since it’s inception, but also how people look at fitness.  When done properly it allows people to gain both strength and conditioning in a shorter workout time, but with a great sense of community. Because of our love for this style of exercise we wanted to bring our passion and fitness foundations to the south side of Lincoln.

Our goal is to guide and coach you into being the healthiest and fittest version of yourself. We will be there to teach, listen, and evaluate your progress every step of the way along your journey. You will not be alone in this journey either. We have a growing and supportive community of individuals who are also striving to be better each day.

If you have any questions please send us an email or come in and talk with us. We are more than happy to discuss your goals and how best to accomplish them.