Mike P., CrossFit Star City Founder

The first real success story of the our gym would actually be one of the trainers. For years following college I was grossly overweight.

Eventually I started trying different methods to get into shape. Some met with varying levels of success. I was able to lose quite a bit of weight by running, doing some resistance training, and maintaining a healthy diet. The only problem was I was never really improving anywhere else except on the scale. On top of that I was losing as much or more muscle than I was fat. In the end I looked fairly skinny, but still had a gut and wasn’t strong at all. Then I started CrossFit. It was a constant uphill battle for me. I was not very strong, or flexible. I couldn’t squat to depth, or move much weight read more

Mike Fallesen

I joined CrossFit Star City about 5 months ago, and it has been a very rewarding experience.  Both Mike and Hugh are excellent trainers and take a real hands-on approach in working with each and every member to meet personal goals.  The thing I lik read more

Haze H.

Only on my third day of CrossFit, but I really love the workouts, the sense of community and the expertise of the coaches here. It’s a happy place. read more

Haval K.

Great Crossfit gym for starters. Great coaches with well-known knowledge of different workouts. Thanks! read more